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The status of the Davey Lab telescope for the Telescope Observing Activity.

Telescope Observing Schedule for Spring Semester 2015

TAs in-charge: Mark Wells, Prakash Arumugasamy, Alex Richert


Thursday, March 26

The telescopes will be CLOSED.

(this update posted 10:50 am, 26 Mar 2015)

If open, the Telescope Observing Activity will start at 8:30 pm on the 6th floor of Davey Lab for students in Astro 001, 005, 006, or 011 (and will end at 10:00 pm).  Please wear warm clothing for working outside in cold weather.


If the telescopes are closed, Astro 001, 005, and 006 students may attend a planetarium activity instead at 8:30 pm in room 541A, Davey Lab. The show begins promptly at 8:30pm, and those who are late will not be admitted.

In general, if the sky appears clear or only partly cloudy, the telescopes will most likely be open for observations. If the skies are mostly to completely cloudy, the telescopes will most likely be closed for observations. If it is raining or snowing (or any type of precipitation is falling), or the temperature is below 20o F, the telescopes will be closed.
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 Three resources you can use to try to determine if it will be clear enough to observe: