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Kohta Murase

Kohta Murase

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  • Assistant Professor
321B Osmond Lab
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-9594


  1. Kyoto University (Ph.D, Physics), 2010
  2. Kyoto University (M.S., Physics), 2007
  3. The University of Tokyo (B.S., Physics), 2005

Selected Publications

Full list of publications on INSPIRE-HEPList of theory publications on ADSCollaboration papers

  1. K. Murase, P. Meszaros, and D. B. Fox, "Fast Radio Bursts with Extended Gamma-Ray Emission?", Astrophys. J, 836, L6 (2017).
  2. K. Murase, K. Kashiyama, and P. Meszaros, "A burst in a wind bubble and the impact on baryonic ejecta: high-energy gamma-ray flashes and afterglows from fast radio bursts and pulsar-driven supernova remnants", Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 461, 1498 (2016).
  3. K. Murase, K. Kashiyama, P. Meszaros, I. Shoemaker, and N. Senno, "Ultrafast Outflows from Black Hole Mergers with a Minidisk", Astrophys. J, 822, L9 (2016).
  4. K. Murase, D. Guetta, and M. Ahlers, "Hidden Cosmic-Ray Accelerators as an Origin of TeV-PeV Cosmic Neutrinos", Phys. Rev. Lett., 116, 071101 (2016).
    See our press release 
  5. K. Murase, K. Kashiyama, K. Kiuchi, and I. Bartos, "Gammy-Ray and Hard X-Ray Emission from Pulsar-aided Supernovae as a Probe of Particle Acceleration in Embryonic Pulsar Wind Nebulae", Astrophys. J., 805, 82 (2015).
  6. M. Bustamante, P. Baerwald, K. Murase, and W. Walter, "Neutrino and cosmic-ray emission from
    multiple internal shocks in gamma-ray bursts", Nature Communications, 6, 6783 (2015).
    See our press release
  7. K. Murase, T. A. Thompson, and E. O. Ofek, "Probing cosmic ray ion acceleration with radio-submm and gamma-ray emission from interaction-powered supernovae", Mon. Not. R. Aston. Soc., 440, 2528 (2014).
  8. K. Kashiyama, K. Murase, and P. Meszaros, "Neutron-Proton-Converter Acceleration Mechanism at Subphotospheres of Relativistic Outflows", Phys. Rev. Lett., 111, 131103 (2013).
  9. K. Murase, K. Kashiyama, and P. Meszaros, "Subphotospheric Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts: The Role of Neutrons", Phys. Rev. Lett., 111, 131102 (2013).
  10. K. Murase and K. Ioka, "TeV-PeV Neutrinos from Low-Power Gamma-Ray Burst Jets inside Stars", Phys. Rev. Lett., 111, 121102 (2013).
  11. K. Murase, C. D. Dermer, H. Takami, and G. Migliori, "Blazars as Ultra-high-energy Cosmic-ray Sources: Implications for TeV Gamma-Ray Observations", Astrophys. J, 749, 63 (2012).
  12. K. Murase, "High-energy Emission Induced by Ultra-high-energy Photons as a Probe of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic-Ray Accelerators Embedded in the Cosmic Web", Astrophys. J., 745, L16 (2012).

Research Interests

  • High-Energy Astrophysics (multi-messenger study of extreme astrophysical objects)
  • Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (neutrinos, gamma rays, cosmic rays and dark matter)


Honors and Awards

  • 2017 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 2017-
  • 2015 Incentive Award of Cosmic Ray Physics from CRC Japan, 2016
  • 2015 Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan, 2016
  • 2014 Young Scientist Award of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 2015
  • 2012 Hubble Fellowship, 2012-2014 (Member of Institute for Advanced Study, 2012-2015)

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