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Robin Ciardullo

Robin Ciardullo

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  • Professor
519 Davey Lab
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-6601


  1. B.S., Physics and Astronomy, Yale 1976
  2. Ph.D., Astronomy, UCLA, 1986

Research Interests

Extragalactic astronomy:
  • The extragalactic distance scale and Hubble Constant
  • Stellar kinematics, and the Dark Matter content of galaxies
  • The chemical evolution of galaxies
  • Intracluster and intra-group stars
  • Ly╬▒ emission from high-redshift galaxies
  • Dark Energy
Stellar astronomy:
  • Planetary Nebulae
  • Novae
  • Post-AGB stars

Honors and Awards

  • 1992 NSF Young Investigator

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