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Sarah Morrison

Sarah Morrison

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  • Postdoc
403 Davey Lab
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-7946


  1. Ph.D., Planetary Sciences, 2017, Univ. of Arizona
  2. M.S., Planetary Sciences, 2015, Univ. of Arizona
  3. B.A., Astronomy, 2011, Cornell University

Selected Publications

Morrison, S. J. & Kratter, K. M. (2018). Gap Formation in Planetesimal Disks Via Divergently Migrating Planets. MNRAS, 481, 5180.

Su, K., MacGregor, M. A., Booth, M., Wilner, D. J., Flaherty, K., Hughes, A. M., Phillips, N. M., Malhotra, R., Hales, A. S., Morrison, S., Ertel, S., Matthews, B. C., Dent, W. R., Casassus, S. (2017). ALMA 1.3 millimeter map of the HD 95086 system. AJ, 154, 225. 

Russell, A., Morrison, S., Moschonas, E. H., & Papaj, D. R. (2017). Patterns of pollen and nectar foraging specialization by bumblebees over multiple timescales using RFID tracking. Scientific Reports 7, 42448.

Morrison, S. J. & Kratter, K. M. (2016). Orbital Stability of Multi-Planet Systems: Behavior at High Masses. ApJ, 823, 118.

Stanley, D., Russell, A., Morrison, S., Rogers, C, & Raine, N. (2016). Investigating the impacts of field-realistic exposure to a neonicotinoid pesticide on bumblebee foraging, homing ability and colony growth. Journal of Applied Ecology, 53, 1440.

Morrison, S. J. (Jan. 24, 2016). Follow the dust to explore other solar systems. University of Arizona College of Science insert in Arizona Daily Star. [Newspaper article]

Su, K. Y., Morrison, S. J., Malhotra, R., Smith, P., Balog, Z., Rieke, G. (2015). Debris distribution in HD 95086-- A young analog of HR 8799. ApJ 799, 146.

Morrison, S. & Malhotra, R. (2015). Planetary chaotic zone clearing: destinations and timescales. ApJ 799, 41.

Morrison, S. & Hemingway, D. (2014). Grooves (irregular body). In Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms, Springer Science+Business Media, 2015. Invited Contribution

Yelle, R. V., Mahieux, A., Morrison, S., Vuitton, V., Horst, S. M. (2014). Perturbation of the Mars atmosphere by the near-collision with Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring). Icarus, 237, 202-210.

Thomas, P. C., Burns, J. A., Hedman, M., Helfenstein, P., Morrison, S., Tiscareno, M. (2013). The inner small satellites of Saturn: A variety of worlds. Icarus 226, 999-1019.

Grundy, W., Morrison, S. J., Bovyn, M. J., Tegler, S. C., Cornelison, D. (2011). Remote sensing of D/H ratios in methane ice: Temperature-dependent absorption coefficients of CH3D in methane ice and nitrogen ice. Icarus 212, 941-949.

Morrison, S., Thomas, P. C., Tiscareno, M., Burns, J. A., Veverka, J. (2009). Grooves on Saturnian small satellites and other objects: Characteristics and significance. Icarus 204, 262-270.

Research Interests

planetary system formation & evolution, exoplanets, debris disks, protoplanetary disks, orbital dynamics, planet-disk interactions, influence of orbit environment on planetary surfaces, data science, science education, computational astrophysics

Honors and Awards

  • NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellow 2013-2016
  • Univ. of Arizona College of Science Galileo Circle Scholar 2013
  • Cornell Univ. Shelley Award for Undergraduate Research in Astronomy 2011

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