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MYStIX (Massive Young Star-Forming Complex Study in Infrared and X-ray) is a project to synthesize multi-wavelength (mostly archival) photometric data on 20 star forming regions within d<4 kpc to obtain new censuses of cluster stars and images of nebular emission. SFiNCs (Star Formation in Nearby Clouds) extends the sample to 22 smaller star forming regions within d<1kpc, and MOXC (Massive Star-forming Regions Omnibus X-ray Catalog) extends the X-ray survey to d<6 kpc. A closely related study of NGC 6231 is included. Sophisticated data analysis techniques are developed to find and obtain X-ray fluxes for faint sources, to identify clusters of stars of different sizes and shapes, to estimate stellar ages from X-ray and infrared photometry, and to map faint diffuse X-ray emission from hot plasma. The science goals are to improve our understanding of clustered star formation, early cluster dynamics, OB star feedback processes, triggered star formation, star formation histories of molecular clouds, survivability of protoplanetary disks, and the origin of the Galactic hot interstellar medium. The central datasets are from Chandra ACIS, UKIRT/UKIDSS WFCAM & 2MASS, and Spitzer IRAC surveys. By combining infrared- and X-ray selected cluster members, both disk-bearing (Class I and II) and disk-free (Class III) young stars are identified, as well as OB stars, over 60,000 young stars are identified. By removal of X-ray sources, diffuse X-ray emission suffusing HII regions is revealed. This Web site provides to the public papers, electronic sources tables, and selected presentations from the MYStIX, SFiNCs & MOXC projects.

Members of the MYStIX, SFiNCs & MOXC teams: 

    • MYStIX contact: Eric Feigelson  SFiNCs contact: Kostantin Getman  MOXC contact: Leisa Townsley  NGC 6231 contact: Michael Kuhn
    • Penn State:  Patrick Broos, Heather Busk, Eric Feigelson, Konstantin Getman, Kevin Luhman, Alexander Richert, Leisa Townsley
    • Caltech: Michael Kuhn
    • Cal State Pomona:  Matthew Povich
    • University of Exeter:  Matthes Bate, Tim Naylor
    • McMaster University:  Alison Sills

MYStIX science papers:

The Spatial Structure of Young Stellar Clusters. I. Subclusters Astrophys. J., 787:107 (Kuhn, Getman, Feigelson, Baddeley, Townsley, Broos, Sills, Bate, Povich, Luhman, Busk, Naylor, King, Song)

Subcluster membership electronic table: Table 3

R scripts and associated files:  sourcecode.tar

Age Gradients in Stellar Populations of Massive Star Forming Regions Based on a New Stellar Chronometer Astrophys. J., 787:108, 2014 (Getman, Feigelson, Kuhn, Broos, Townsley, Naylor, Povich, Luhman, Garmire)

Individual star age estimates:  Table 1

Core-Halo Age Gradients and Star Formation in the Orion Nebula and NGC 2024 Young Star Clusters Astrophys. J., 787:109, 2014 (Getman, Feigelson, Kuhn)

Core-halo gradients electronic table: Table 1

Press release (May 2014)

The Spatial Structure of Young Stellar Clusters. II. Total Young Stellar Populations Astrophys. J., 802, #60, 2015 (Kuhn, Getman, Feigelson)

Total population electronic table: Table 2

 FITS files for spatial distribution maps:  Figure 3  Figure 5

The Spatial Structure of Young Stellar Clusters. III. Physical Properties and Evolutionary States Astrophys. J., 812, #131, 2015 (Kuhn, Feigelson, Getman, Sills, Bate, Borissova)
No Evidence for Protoplanetary Disk Destruction by OB Stars in the MYStIX Sample Astrophys. J., 811, #10, 2015 (Richert, Feigelson, Getman, Kuhn)

Young Stellar Populations in MYStIX Star Forming Regions: Candidate Protostars Astrophys. J., 833, #193, 2016 (Romine, Feigelson, Getman, Kuhn, Povich)

MYStIX Candidate Protostars (MCP): Table 2 and Table 3 (footnotes)

Candidate X-ray Emitting OB Stars in the MYStIX Massive Star-Forming Regions Astrophys. J., 838, #61, 2017 (Povich, Busk, Feigelson, Townsley, Kuhn)

MYStIX Candidate OB stars (MOBc): Table 2, Table 3, Table 4


Multiwavelength Studies of Young OB Clusters [MYStIX review article], in The Birth of Star Clusters (Stahler editor), 2018  (Feigelson)


SFiNCs & related articles:

Star Formation in Nearby Clouds (SFiNCs). I. X-ray and Infrared Source Catalogs and MembershipAstrophys. J. Suppl., 229, #28 2017 (Getman, Broos, Kuhn, Feigelson, Richert, Ota, Bate, Garmire)

SFiNCs electronic tables: Table 3, Table 4, Table 5, Table 6, Table 7, Table 8

Young star clusters in nearby molecular clouds, Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 477, 298 2018 (Getman, Kuhn, Feigelson, Broos, Bate, Garmire)

The Young Star Cluster NGC 6231: Stellar Population, Astrophys. J., 154, #87, 2017 (Kuhn, Medina, Getman, Feigelson, Gromadzki, Borissova, Kurtev)
NGC 6231 CXOVVV sample: Table 1, Table 3, Table 4
The Young Star Cluster NGC 6231: Structure, Formation and Fate, Astron. J. 154, 254, 2017 (Kuhn, Getman, Feigelson, Sills, Gromadzki, Medina, Borissova, Kurtev)
Intracluster age gradients in numerous young stellar clusters, Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 476, 1213 2018 (Getman, Feigelson, Kuhm, Bate, Broos, Garmire)
Circumstellar disk lifetimes in numerous Galactic young stellar clusters,  Mon. Not. Royal Astr. Soc., 477, 5191 2018  (Richert, Getman, Feigelson, Kuhn, Broos, Povich, Bate, Garmire)
The duration of star formation in Galactic giant molecular clouds. I. The Great Nebula in Carina, Astrophys. J. 881, 37 (Povich, Maldonado, Haze Nunez, Robitaille)
IRAS 09002-4732: A Laboratory for the Formation of Rich Stellar Clusters, Astron. J., in press (Getman, Feigelson, Kuhn, Broos, Garmire)  2019

MOXC papers:

The Massive Star-Forming Regions Omnibus X-ray Catalog Astrophys. J. Suppl., 213:1, 2014 (Townsley, Broos, Garmire, Bouwman, Povich, Feigelson, Getman, Kuhn)

The Massive Star-Forming Regions Omnibus X-ray Catalog Astrophys. J. Suppl, 235:43 2018  (Townsley, Broos, Garmire, Anderson, Feigelson, Naylor, Povich)


Gaia papers:

Kinematics in young star clusters and associations with Gaia DR2Astrophys. J. 870, 32, 2019   (Kuhn, Hillenbrand, Sills, Feigelson, Hetman)
Gaia Stellar Kinematics in the Orion A Cloud: Runaway Stellar Groups and Gravitational Infall, Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society, 487, 2977, 2019 (Getman, Feigelson, Kuhn, Garmire)

MYStIX Technical/catalog papers:

Overview of the Massive Young Star-Forming Complex Study in Infrared and X-ray (MYStIX) Project Astrophys. J. Suppl. 209:26, 2013  (Feigelson, Townsley, Broos, Busk, Getman, King, Kuhn, Naylor, Povich, Baddeley, Bate, Indebetouw, Luhman, McCaughrean, Pittard, Pudritz, Sills, Song & Wadsley)

A Massive Young Stellar Complexes Study in the Infrared and X-ray: X-ray Sources in Ten Star Forming Regions Astrophys. J. Suppl. 209:27, 2013  (Kuhn, Getman, Broos, Townsley & Feigelson)

Chandra source electronic table:  mystix_xray_catalog.fits

The MYStIX Wide-Field Near Infrared Data: Optimal Photometry in Crowded Fields Astrophys. J. Suppl. 209:28, 2013   (King, Naylor, Broos, Getman & Feigelson)

UKIRT source electronic table: ApJS485823_table2.fits (1.39 GB)


Massive Young Star-Forming Study in Infrared and X-rays: Mid-Infrared Observations and Catalogs Astrophys. J. Suppl. 209:29, 2013  (Kuhn, Povich, Luhman, Getman, Busk, Feigelson)

Spitzer source electronic tables:  apjs486044t2_mrt.txt and apjs486044t3_mrt.txt (78 MBy)

Bayesian Matching for X-ray and Infrared Sources in the MYStIX Project Astrophys. J. Suppl. 209:30, 2013   (Naylor, Broos & Feigelson)

X-ray/IR source matches electronic table:  ApJS485822table2a.fits and ApJS485822table2b.fits

The MYStIX InfraRed-Excess Source Catalog Astrophys. J. Suppl. 209:31, 2013   (Povich, Kuhn, Getman, Feigelson, Busk, Broos, Townsley, King, Naylor)

MIRES (MYStIX InfraRed-Excess Source) figure set: Fig 9

MIRES electronic tables:  MIRES_table3.fits

Identifying Young Stars in the MYStIX Project Astrophys. J. Suppl. 209:32, 2013  (Broos, Getman, Povich, Feigelson, Townsley, Naylor, Kuhn, King & Busk)

MPCM (MYStIX Probable Complex Member) electronic table: apjs485825_MPCM.fits



Intracluster age gradients and disk longevities in MYStIX and SFiNCs young stellar clusters (Getman, slides, 2017)

NGC 6231: Structure, evolution and fate (Kuhn, slides, 2017)

MYStIX: New Insights into Clustered Star Formation (Feigelson, slides, 2018)