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Eric B.  Ford

Eric B. Ford

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  • Professor
428A Davey Lab
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-5558


  1. S.B., MIT, Physics & Mathematics (1999)
  2. Ph.D., Princeton, Astrophysical Sciences (2003)


After receiving his Ph.D. in Astrophysical Sciences from Princeton University in 2003, Ford worked at the University of California, Berkeley as a Miller Research Fellow. Next, Ford was a Hubble Fellow at the Institute for Theory and Computation and Theoretical Astrophysics Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Ford served on the faculty at the University of Florida from 2007-2013.  In 2013, Ford joined the Penn State faculty as part of the Institute for Computation & Data Sciences (formerly known as the Institute for CyberScience) cluster hire initiative.  At PSU, Ford also engages with the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds, Center for Astrostatistics and the Penn State Astrobiology Research Center.

Selected Publications

Available via NASA ADS or Google Scholar

Research Interests


My research centers around planet formation, the dynamical evolution of planetary systems and extrasolar planets. While my research is primarily theoretical and computational, I also emphasize the interface between theory and observation, including techniques for characterizing extrasolar planets, the statistical analysis of extrasolar planet observations, and the efficient design of extrasolar planet searches. I collaborate with leading planet search programs, including NASA's Kepler mission, the Habitable Zone Planet Finder and NEID planet search teams. Ultimately, my research aims to improve our understanding of planet formation and evolution, both in our Solar System and in general.

Honors and Awards

  • 2003-2006 Miller Fellow
  • 2006-2007 Hubble Fellow
  • 2011 American Astronomical Society Division for Planetary Sciences's Harold C. Urey Prize
  • 2012 American Astronomical Society's Helen B. Warner Prize
  • 2015 Blavatnik National Award in Physical Sciences & Engineering, Finalist
  • 2017 & 2018 Highly Cited Researcher List, Clarivate Analytics

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